Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Richard Deenmahamad, Enfield

Equity Release helped us phase our retirement and pay off debt

We contacted Richie as we wanted to discuss the possibility of phasing our early retirement. We wanted to pay off our existing mortgage and debts. We both wanted to continue working and to also explore the possibility or reducing our working hours and to start enjoying our early retirement, which we were not sure was possible.

After speaking with Richie , he was able to offer a solution which allowed us not only to pay off the mortgage but we were able to keep some money aside to renovate our conservatory and renew our driveway in the near future.

Richie was very patient as we did not fully understand our financial position. We were paying high interest rates on credit cards and now that they are fully paid off , the monthly saving has greatly helped.

We are now able to enjoy life more and have sufficient income to live our lives in the way we wanted too. We found the whole process very easy to understand as Richie explained the whole process and was there through every step. He even recommend a firm of Solicitors who were also very friendly.

We would recommend his services to our friends and to anyone else who thinking of Equity Release.

John & Jan

Equity Release Mortgage with a much lower interest rate

I met Richie through a colleague who mentioned that he could arrange Equity Release Mortgages. I already had a Lifetime Mortgage with another company arranged by a different adviser. That scheme has now closed and I was not allowed to take any further drawdowns, in addition the interest rate was quite high so I was stuck. Richie suggested that he could arrange another Equity Release Mortgage to pay back the current lender and offer me a much lower interest rate. I also wanted extra money to finance a nice holiday and my lifestyle which Richie was able to arrange.

I also wanted to gift money in the near future to my niece as a deposit for her first home. I am now able to do this when the time comes.

I found Richie very easy to understand and he took time to listen to my needs and made them happen.

I would recommend his services to anyone needing to explore Equity Release.

Roland Harris

Highly recommended financial services advice

I have known the Deenmahamed Family for 3 decades!

It is wonderful to know that the patriarch Deen has teamed with his two children; Richie and Vanessa to create a unique service encompassing all that any client could want from a practice.

The professionalism and support throughout my dealings with The Deenmahamed family is valued and greatly appreciated and we would have no hesitation in recommending ------- to any person(s) or prospective contemplating party that is considering using their service(s).

Richie Deen I first met several years ago when contemplating the purchase of my 1st property. Having found Richie to be warm, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable; it made me realise that my father was not biased in his views when he said "The Deen Family will always go out of their way to help".

As a novice to the mortgage industry, Richie explained the mortgage process to me step by step and did not hesitate to answer any of my obvious questions. And even though though I decided not to go through with my property purchase due to personal reasons, Richie was still there to lend a helping hand and came up with competitive solutions to help me re-mortgage my existing property. I highly recommend Richie's firm to any prospective clients looking for financial services advice.

AKL, London

Complete professionalism and empathy

I just wanted you to know that it's been great experience working with you.

Your approach has always been with complete professionalism and empathy putting us as a customer first ensuring that our needs are met. You understand our every needs and I am confident that since we have developed a great partnership together your attention to detail and massive experience will prove it invaluable moving forward for future negotiations.

JL, Cheshunt

Straightforward no nonsense approach to mortgages

We could not have found better mortgage advisors than Deens Financial services. Our case was far from perfect but their expertise made it pretty straightforward. They have a very straight forward no nonsense approach which is absolutely required when dealing with all the different parties involved in getting a mortgage. Deens Financial service are a one stop shop and didn't just deal with our mortgage application and leave it there, they advised us on issues such as life insurance policies and putting our Policies in trusts as an extra service at no extra cost.

I couldn't recommend them enough.

EM, Welwyn Garden City

Pensions & Retirement

I have pensions that I have been accruing over the years, but I have no planned investment or income strategy - I need financial advice to make sure I can afford to retire and live well.

Manage Investments

Income is a priority. I want to make sure my investments are generating as much as possible. I need my investments and income to keep up with inflation in both the short and long term.

Mortgage Advice

I need some good mortgage advice when considering which mortgage is best for me. I would like someone to explain the various interest rate options that are most likely to suit my needs.

Family Protection

I would like to secure my family's financial future and pass on any of my remaining wealth. I need help with protecting my assets whilst still leaving provision for a comfortable retirement.